Goji Granola Bar & Cafe

Goji Granola Bar & Cafe was established on the Gold Coast in December 2015.

We are very proud of our crunchy, homemade, vegan granola. Our customers can create their own granola bowls, with the option of adding nuts and dried fruits. Don’t worry! If you are allergic to nuts, at Goji you can have a granola bowl without them.

We also have gluten-free options. Our granola is a perfect addition to your Coco Soft and smoothie bowls.

Goji Granola Bar & Cafe


Coco Soft stands for coconut soft serve. It’s a coconut-water-based soft serve that is vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. Unlike other soft serves, we can make any flavours we like!

Our head chef, inspired by the soft-serve ice-cream that his grandad used to make in his shop back in Italy, created the vegan version of it. 

When we first opened our café in 2015, we started with charcoal Coco Soft, having brought the idea back to Australia after a holiday in Indonesia. At the time, people in Australia were only just beginning to hear about it and nobody here or in New Zealand had yet made the soft-serve version of it.

There is now such a demand for our granola that we are launching online shopping, enabling our customers to buy their granola anytime, anywhere in Australia. Our online shopping still offers the flexibility of choosing from the same selection of dried fruits and nuts for their granola mix as customers who visit us at the café.

While we specialise in our homemade granola and Coco Soft, our menu is diverse, influenced by our two heritages, Italian and Asian. We also serve all-time favourite Australian breakfasts like bacon and eggs, and eggs benedict.

We cater to both vegan and non vegan customers. Family and friends sometimes have different preferences and that’s why we like to offer options.

Oh, and we love dogs. Bring your dogs to breakfast with you. We serve a range of puppy ice-cream that your pup will love!




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